Article in Olive Oil Times

Posted by Anne

"Olive Oil Times" is a web site dedicated to oil olives around the world. They published an article about the DU (Diplôme Universitaire) d'oléologie. A part of it is about my action in explaining and promoting the good olive oil.

PS : special thanks to Alice for your enthusiasm and for the interesting discussions.

Latest news from 2011-2012

Posted by Anne

  • New OliviAnne's flyers have arrived, a new offer for 2012 (more details) ... OliviAnne is working for you ...
  • New Facebook address, more "friendly" :, click on "Like" to follow us and have the latest news (updated almost daily) ;
  • Participation in two sessions (February 2011 and 2012) in the "Concours Général Agricole" as a member of the jury for olive oil competitions. This very interesting experience gave me the opportunity to meet people and taste different olive oils (from Corsica for example) ;
  • Here are some pictures of my trees and olives (2011 - 2012, from the newer to the older) :

Pruning under almond flowers

Aglandaus (just before harvesting)

Verdales des Bouches du Rhone (just after harvesting)

Verdales (end of August)

Verdales (mid September)

Olive blossoms (mid May)

The same tree (before -top picture- and after pruning -bottom picture-)

The wood must be burnt after pruning

OliviAnne is on Facebook

Posted by Anne

Under the pressure of crowd (I had a dream ...), OliviAnne improves and meets the new technology in opening a Facebook page. What wouldn't we do to keep in touch ?

You can follow us on Olivianne page, the latest news will come to you without being forced to visit this website.

On the oppposite, for the ones that don't use Facebook, the news published out there will be displayed here on the frame (at the bottom of each page).

Discovery day on demand

Posted by Anne

The first session took place on 6th of November, it went smoothly, so we'll continue ... The next Discovery Day sessions (more details) will take place as soon as you sign up. Please feel free to contact us especially if you are two or more so we can fix a date.

Graduated at last

Posted by Anne

Here it is : my lovely diploma ! The result of 6 months study, my many trips to Montpellier, lots of passionate discussions, new knowledge and new friendship with other growers who like me are crazy about their trees ...